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Relevant authority: Department of Economy of Osijek-Baranja County in the place of the craft business’ registered office – Osijek, Beli Manastir, Donji Miholjac, Đakovo, Našice, Valpovo


Establishing minimum technical requirements

Entity obliged to comply: any legal or natural person registered to engage in the purchase and sale of goods (trader), as well as other legal and natural persons registered to engage in production activities, when retailing their products (family farms, associations, cooperatives, institutions, commercial fisheries, etc.)

By way of exception, in accordance with the provisions of the Act, trade activity may be performed in a sales facility without having to request the issuance of a new decision on compliance with requirements if the relevant authority previously issued a decision on compliance with requirements for the performance of trade activities for the sales facility in question, where the situation relates to a continuation of performance of trade activities and there were no significant changes in relation to the sales facility, equipment and resources used in performing the trade activity, unless the case involves food and goods that threaten human and animal life and health, as well as nature and the environment.

The party must submit the following together with the application:

  • proof of registration (extract from the court register of the competent commercial court for legal persons, extract from the Crafts Register for natural persons)
  • notice on classification of the Central Bureau of Statistics (only for companies)
  • proof of the right to use the premises (land registry extract, commercial lease agreement, public area lease agreement, etc.)
  • proof of construction work use in accordance with the Building Act
  • certificate of serviceability of electrical installations, gas installations, ventilation, etc.
  • administrative fee in the amount of HRK 130 for facilities under 200 m², HRK 280 for facilities over 200 m², i.e. HRK 50 for sales facilities outside stores.


Funeral activity:

Entity obliged to comply: legal or natural persons entered in the appropriate register to engage in funeral activities are required to obtain a decision on compliance with the requirements to engage in funeral activities before commencing their activities. The application is submitted to the relevant local administrative authority of the county in which the undertaker is established.

The party must submit the following together with the application:

  • decision or extract from the court register or the Crafts Register
  • proof that the undertaker meets the specific condition of professional qualification for the performance of funeral activities or employs a worker meeting this condition on a full-time basis (certificate of qualification, employment contract)
  • insurance contract covering liability for damage resulting from carrying out funeral activities, namely for an insurance amount not less than HRK 20 000 per loss event, i.e. HRK 100 000 for all claims during one insurance year
  • proof of ownership or lease of premises or funeral home (land registry extract, lease agreement, etc.)
  • proof of ownership or lease of at least one hearse, and a certificate for the vehicle issued by a roadworthiness testing centre, which demonstrates that the vehicle meets the requirements for the transport of remains
  • proof of ownership or lease of a parking lot for hearses, i.e. of an available space to keep a hearse in accordance with the minimum technical and organisational conditions for safe parking
  • decision on the compliance with the minimum technical, sanitary and other requirements relating to the premises and equipment needed for carrying out funeral activities.


Legal basis:
Trade Act (Official Gazette No 87/08, 96/08, 116/08, 114/11, 68/13, 30/14, 32/19, 98/19 i 32/20)
Rules on minimum technical requirements related to sales facilities, equipment and resources in sales facilities and requirements for sale of goods outside stores (Official Gazette No 66/09, 108/09, 8/10 i 108/14).
Funeral Activity Act (Official Gazette No 36/15 i 98/19)


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