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Registry of births

The application for registering the birth of a child in the register of births is submitted by the parents in the registry office of the child’s place of birth.

Both parents should come to the registry office together and bring the following documents:

  • identity cards or passports
  • the mother’s birth certificate, not older than 3 months, in case the mother is not married, this applies only to foreign nationals
  • if the child’s parents have permanent residence outside Osijek and there is a registry office in their place of residence, they may contact that registry office, which will provide them with all the necessary documents for the child.

The time limit for registering the birth of a child is 30 days from the date of its birth.

Parents can also make use of the e-Newborn (e-Novorođenče) e-service to register the birth of a child. This service allows them to register their child’s birth as well as the child’s name in the public registers, with the Ministry of the Interior and the Croatian Health Insurance Fund with the help of the signature certificate contained in their e-identity cards.


Registration of the fact of birth of Croatian citizens born abroad

Is carried out on the basis of an excerpt from the Public register of the foreign authority.

The application is submitted in person, by proxy, or through a diplomatic-consular representation of the Republic of Croatia in the foreign country.

The application must be accompanied by:

  • an original excerpt from the register of births or international excerpt from the register of births
  • proof of marriage (if the person is married), proof of dissolution of marriage (death certificate or divorce decree)
  • proof of Croatian nationality. 

Foreign public documents not issued using an international form should be translated by a sworn court interpreter in the Republic of Croatia.

The procedure for registering the birth of a child in the register of births is exempt from administrative fees.


Legal basis:

Public Registers Act (Official Gazette No. 96/93, 76/13 i 98/19),

Instructions for the Implementation of the Public Registers Act (Official Gazette No.  117/21),

Family Act (Official Gazette No. 103/15, 98/19. i 47/20),

Ordinance on Forms and Procedures for Issuing Excerpts from Public Registers to be Used Abroad (Official Gazette No. 48/94)


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