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Relevant authority: Department of Economy of Osijek-Baranja County in the place of the craft business’ registered office – Osijek, Beli Manastir, Donji Miholjac, Đakovo, Našice, Valpovo.



Applications for a licence for national road passenger and freight transport, a licence for taxi transport, a licence for special forms of national road transport (renting vehicles with drivers as a special form of transport), a licence for bus and freight terminals, a licence for performing agency activities as placement activity for carrier transport capacities, and for issuing a certificate in own-account freight and passenger transport.

Administrative fee:
Tariff No 15 under the Regulation on Administrative Fee Tariffs (Official Gazette No 92/21, 93/21, 95/21)


Disability parking card for marking parking spaces for persons with disabilities

Documents required to be submitted with the application:

  • findings and opinion on the disability or a decision on the disability (the right is granted to persons with a physical impairment of 80% or more, or persons with a lower extremity impairment of 60% or more)
  • 35 x 45 mm-sized photograph of the applicant
  • identification document (identity card, presented for inspection)

Administrative fee:
No administrative fee is charged for issuing a disability parking card.


Legal basis:
Road Transport Act (Official Gazette No 41/18, 98/19, 30/21 i 89/21)
Road Safety Act (Official Gazette No 67/08, 48/10, 74/11, 80/13, 158/13, 92/14, 64/15, 108/17, 70/19, 42/20 i 85/22.)
Rules on the Disability Parking Card (Official Gazette No 78/08. i 87/14.)


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