Single Digital Gateway - Hospitality and Provision of Tourism Services

Relevant authority: Department of Economy of Osijek-Baranja County in the place of the craft business’ registered office – Osijek, Beli Manastir, Donji Miholjac, Đakovo, Našice, Valpovo


Minimum technical requirements for a hospitality establishment

The performance of hospitality activities in a hospitality establishment requires compliance with minimum technical and other requirements for a specific establishment type, with regards to the setup and equipment of the hospitality establishment, services, as well as other requirements prescribed under the Act and regulations adopted on the basis thereof.

By way of exception, if the same type of hospitality activities have already been carried out in the hospitality establishment and there was no change in conditions with respect to the space, setup and equipment, it is not necessary to perform another on-site inspection of the establishment in an administrative procedure for the issuing of a decision to the new owner. That is, a decision on the continuation of performance of hospitality activities of the same type is issued at the request of the owner of the business, in accordance with the Hospitality Industry Act, based on an inspection of the relevant documentation, without performing an on-site inspection.

Entity obliged to comply: natural persons – artisans or legal persons – companies or cooperatives that meet the legal requirements for performing hospitality activities; by way of exception, other natural and legal persons can also perform this activity in accordance with the provisions of the Act, provided that they meet the prescribed requirements, namely they are citizens in a household or on a family farm, certain associations and institutions.

Administrative fee:
depending on the type of hospitality establishment, in accordance with Tariff No 14 under the Regulation on Administrative Fee Tariffs (Official Gazette No 92/21, 93/21, 95/21)


Tourist guide and nautical tourism vessels

Filing an application for a decision on compliance with the requirements for providing tourist guide services and issuing a tourist guide licence card, termination of the provision of such services, and a decision on compliance with the requirements for a type and category of vessels

Administrative fee:
Tariff No 14 under the Regulation on Administrative Fee Tariffs (Official Gazette No 92/21, 93/21, 95/21)


Legal basis:
Hospitality Industry Act (Official Gazette Nos 85/15, 121/16, 99/18, 25/19, 98/19, 39/19, 42/20 i 126/21)
Act on the Provision of Tourism Services (Official Gazette No 130/17, 25/19 i 42/20)


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