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Osijek, May 21, 2018

County Economy

The possibilities for an economic development and living standard improvement in the Osijek-Baranja County's territory are enshrined in natural resources, preserved environment, relatively unpolluted soil, waterways abundance and moderate climate, what enables a floral and faunal richness in the nature (the world-famous Slavonian forests), a favorable geographic position, constructed infrastructure and human potentials above all. The County bases its economic development on agriculture and food-processing industry, as well as on crafts and trades, transportation, and other industrial branches and tourism.

Osijek-Baranja County is a continental one, located in the Pannonian valley in northeastern Croatia, expanded over an area of 4,152 km2 on a fertile plains soil between the rivers Sava, Drava, and Danube. The County territory is predominantly plain and favors the agricultural development. The productional capacities in the primary agricultural part classify Osijek-Baranja County among the qualitiest part of the Croatian breadbasket. Out of the overall area, 58% is comprised by the arable area and the forests comprise 20%. The arable lands in the County territory enable an intensive agricultural production, as well as an ecologically-based one.

Out of a total of 23 industrial productional activities within the County, the processing industry is the most represented one, especially foodstuff and beverage production and the production of cellulose, paper, and cardboard, followed by the chemicals.

In the foodstuff and beverage production, important are the capacities in the miller and baker’s trade, sugar refinery, fodder processing, dairy industry, abattoir industry and meat-processing capacities, fruit and vegetable processing, confection industry and vintner and brewer’s trade.

The wood-processing and paper industries are traditionally export-oriented, representing a labor-intensive production that occupies a significant position in the County economy. The textile industry has a long tradition extended to even nowadays, when it is a top-positioned one in spite of difficulties.

In addition to the adduced facts, one should emphasize the chemical industry, construction material industry, and the metal-processing industry. With regard to the value of works, number of employees, and productivity, visible is a growth in an overall construction activity an increase in the investments for the communal and energetic infrastructure.

While investing in the projects that have an improvement and development of agriculture, crafts and trades, and SME incentives thru the interest-rate subsidies as an objective, the County would like to stop the negative economic trends and launch a more equilibrated development of the County as a whole.

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