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Osijek, August 20, 2018


Dear users:

Osijek-Baranja County has started to communicate with the public via its Website on June 2, 2000. The expert audience has evaluated these pages as appropriate, so they have been classified among the best 10 in their category at a National Contest in 2002.

Informational needs, as well as the new technological solutions that improve the Internet communication, have directed us to the development of a new Website. The Website you browse on is not just a promotional form but also a way to facilitate the access of all those interested to the informational contents contained and offered by the County information system. Thus, they are a part of the efforts in the fostering of a process pertaining to the Osijek-Baranja County’s functional and developmental management, a segment of its e-government technology. Simultaneously, they are placed at the audience’s service, which may have a complete insight into the operation of County bodies and the state of affairs in certain activity areas also in this way.

The new Website is simultaneously also a Web portal with multiple links to the institutions comprising a whole of the County territorial organization, thus being a form of county’s informational integration.

How much these pages’ developers (a County Project Team, Osijek Informatics Institute, and the Osijek-based Primavista) have succeeded in their intentions and aspirations will be yours to evaluate. It would be our pleasure if you could inform us about these appraisals. Any benevolent remark and proposal of yours will contribute to the pages’ quality and assure that they respond to your needs in a fuller form, thus becoming your pages as well.

We thank you for this effort in advance.

In Osijek, July 14, 2006.

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